The Big News is that we have both a new name and a new web site! Thanks to some history students at Hocking College who scoured the Athens County Court House for records, we now have a more complete story of the Hyde Family who occupied this house for almost 90 years! And we already suspected a connection between the first Dr. Hyde and Dr. Primrose across the street. So with this new information we felt it was a good time to unveil the name change to Hyde House Bed & Breakfast (formerly The Mead House). Check out the new web site at and choose the page called "Nelsonville Bed & Breakfasts” to see both our Hyde House and Primrose House. Watch for our new brochure coming soon which will coordinate with our new web site.

Our new web site gathers all Historic Host lodging into one easy-to-find place. There are separate sections for "Nelsonville Bed & Breakfasts” and "Fiddlestix Village Lodging."   We've been busy on projects at both Houses. The "vintage” gas fireplace inserts have been removed from mantels at both locations and safer electric units installed. So now on those cold winter nights you can enjoy a warm glow in your rooms. All four rooms at Primrose are finished, and several have required "creative plumbing" to acquire their private baths! So, we have four rooms at each house. Either would make a great location for your family gathering!
We've finally finished the restoration of the Martin Country Store at Fiddlestix,  and the shelves hold "old-timey artifacts" such as might have been for sale. Now you are welcome to play with and use many of them, and you'll enjoy the  kitchenette in the form of a vintage soda fountain/lunch counter. In the back are an "old-fashioned" bathroom with tub/shower; and a king bedroom. We've also added a couple of flip-chairs that make into mattresses. so you can bring a couple of kids and their sleeping bags.  
The Other big news is: We have a Caboose! After a recent magazine article on Historic Host and our preservation efforts, a man called and offered us a 1926 B&O Caboose to restore. It has been moved to our Fiddlestix Village and is under restoration.   Hopefully, we’ll have it restored to its vintage appearance very soon and it will be a fun and unique place to vacation with the family.    Another recent story in The Logan Daily News featured the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum at Fiddlestix which is also an unusual Guest cottage! Other great publicity has featured The Martin Country Store and its restoration.

Another fun happening...!  Some film students from Ohio University  recently asked to use Cookie Cottage with its 1930s-style interior as the setting for a short film set in World War II France.  So for almost a week, the cottage was transformed into a French farmhouse, where a sad love story was filmed in black and white, with voice-over in French and English sub-titles! The students covered up modern air conditioners, breaker panels and the like with vintage pictures and textiles, and brought in an antique stove and other accessories,  I can hardly wait to see the film, and we may even get to link to it on the web site!

And, on the subject of Fiddlestix, did you ever wonder about the origin of the name?  Back in the olden days of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, genteel ladies used the mild expletive, "Oh, Fiddlesticks," when confronted with minor annoyances such as perhaps dropping a clean spoon on the floor. Even further back, fiddlesticks were actually used in playing old-time music!  By using light-weight sticks or even knitting needles, one person could tap out the rhythm on the fiddle while the fiddler was playing!  Click here for a demonstration by Tim Eriksen and Peter Irvine and more info on the subject.  Your see the "fiddlesticks" enter a minute or two into the performance.

There are always so many wonderful events and things to do in the Hills, so go ahead and plan a few days getaway!   We lodging owners receive  a weekly update of weekend and ongoing events and attractions in the area, and I always forward it to our weekend Guests.   All of our Historic Host lodgings are convenient to anywhere you want to go!

And remember....with at least a two-night reservation and at least two days notice...we provide "Breakfast Fixin's" in our Fiddlestix lodgings, sort of a DIY breakfast that you can prepare and enjoy in your pajamas! (As far as I know, Historic Host "cabins" and cottages are the only ones doing this in the Hills.)  At the Nelsonville B&Bs your fully prepared breakfast is served in the dining room, and while you may wear your slippers to breakfast, please don't wear your pajamas!
As always, thanks for your overnight stays as all income
helps us acquire and restore another building and its history!